Welcome to the ancient land of Brixton!

The world is a single continent that bears the same name that is 250,000 square miles ( 570 wide, 590 tall ) and has a population of some 10 million mostly dispersed through the country but also concentrated within city states and settlements within their orbit.

The majority of Brixton can be imagined as late medieval western Europe. It is a single landmass surrounded on three sides by ocean, and it is bordered to the south by Void, an encroaching darkness that yearly consumes more and more of the landmass of the continent. It is assumed that the Void also presses in from other directions, but no oceangoing vessels have gone far enough to confirm this – they have found only scattered, mostly barren islands and more water.

The three city state kingdoms are Primeas, to the Northeast, Dernholm to the Northwest, and Acharast to the South. Primeas is a wealthy and mysterious place that can be imagined as having an Eastern / Byzantine / Desert flavor. Dernholm, where the heroes begin near the trading town of Bond, is a typical kingdom controlled by a mixture of hereditary monarchy and wealthy nobles. Acharest is secretive and reclusive and has a barbarian / tribal / Native American feel to it, with loosely united but squabbling tribes existing in the freezing mountains and steppes.

Although overwhelmingly human there is a scattering of elves and half-elves at the top of Primean society, some orcish blood in the veins of some of Acharest’s humans, and some dwarves within Acharest that have completely withdrawn from society. A smattering of gnomes and halflings exist within the world, but generally keep out of the affairs of the taller folk and are content to remain in their own communities.

Magic is generally rare and believed by most to be only a superstition at best and a terrifying demonic influence at worst – especially within Dernholm. The world as a whole was once more magical than it is now, with the world becoming increasingly mundane over the centuries. Still, legends of heroes and their powers, dragons and their offspring, and other fantastic figures and events still fill minds of children and the songs of bards in every corner of the world.

It is a land of relative peace but great, lurking dangers that exist at the fringes of the knowledge of even the learned and powerful. It is a place where determined and gifted individuals can come together to have a great impact upon the world’s events, for personal gain, protection, or destruction.